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Nathan Smith

Luke 20:41 – 21:4

January 26, 2020

How do you handle approval? Do you need approval to feel validated? We learn in Luke this week that Jesus warned the Scribes of looking and sounding holy as if addicted to praise.  Christ teaches us that the only approval needed is God’s.  By giving God all we have, humble and true, shows we are living out our faith as Christ would.

First Baptist Church

Luke 20: 27-40

January 19, 2020

Today Kent Wallace continues in the book of Luke. The religious groups during the time of Christ believed their group knew all they needed to about religion.  Imagine testing Christ with quetions to “trip Him up” only to have Christ use their own religious books to answer their questions.  Kent’s theme is “Religious Conviction” and provides a wonderful history lesson.

Nathan Smith

Luke 20:20-26

January 12, 2020

Have you ever physically gotten to your knees or lay protrate or even bowed in reverence to God?  Pastor Nathan speaks about ways we can give our hearts and minds – and bodies to God.  It is our choice to bow to our Heavenly Father  – to tell Him “You God are in charge and I am not!”  Submitting to His authority allows are Christian walk to be filled with Joy.

Nathan Smith

Luke 20:9-19

January 5, 2020

First Baptist Church’s Mission Statement:

We exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, encouraging all through the Word of God to know Him and grow to be like Him.

Exalt, Know and Grow.  Luke 20:9-19 walks us through this heart issue, gives us instruction and then application on how to walk with God in our journey on Earth.