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Nathan Smith

Luke 12:13-32

December 31, 2017

Kent Wallace brings us the message on how to deal with wealth, (and/or the lack of it), and worries.

Nathan Smith

Luke 12:1-12

December 24, 2017

Pastor Nathan Smith closes the Christmas season from the passage in Luke which will remind us again to fix our eyes on Jesus, and follow the Holy Spirit who will give us the strength and ability to rise above our human weak

Nathan Smith

Luke 11:37-54

December 17, 2017

Jesus responds to the religious leaders in a very unique and non-subtle way. Pastor Nathan takes this and uses it as a warning for trying to make it on our own,and then a great reminder about the gospel of Christ.

Nathan Smith

Luke 11:14-36

December 10, 2017

Pastor Nathan Smith continues with the way messages of Jesus from the book of Luke.

Nathan Smith

Luke 11:1-13

December 3, 2017

The Lord’s Prayer and the way it is modeled in Luke is very unique. Pastor Nathan shares with us the meaning of this prayer and the parables that go with it.