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Nathan Smith

Luke 14:15-24

February 18, 2018

Jesus is inviting you to the table in this parable. Will you come? Then will you rest at His table, with His agenda, and then invite others?

Nathan Smith

Luke 14:7-14

February 11, 2018

Jesus gives the parable on the preparing a feast and who we need to invite; the Lame, Blind and Poor. People who are in no position to pay us back. Our ultimate reward will come from God, not people and if we humble ourselves we will be exalted.

Nathan Smith

Luke 14:1-6

February 4, 2018

Jesus heals again on the sabbath, a man who has dropsy, and once again has a showdown with the religious leaders. Again the question is asked that they would take better care of their possession, (donkey or ox), before helping someone in great need