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First Baptist Church

Jen and Ben Burkholder

November 25, 2018

Our visiting missionary, Jen Burkholder, shares about the ministry that she serves with, CCO Ministry. Her husband, Ben, also share with us the message from God’s word on living out our faith and being a blessing to others.

Nathan Smith

Exodus 12:28-51

November 18, 2018

This passage of the Exodus finishes the results of the tenth plague, and now the Israelites must obey God and move, and leave things behind. Pastor Nathan will ask us that same question, what do you need to let go of to move out and follow the Lord?

Nathan Smith

Exodus 12:1-28

November 11, 2018

The Passover establishes the end of Israels captivity, and a new beginning….a fresh start. Enjoy this message, along with our communion time, as Pastor Nathan brings great meaning to our communion time while reflecting on the Passover and the passover lamb.

Nathan Smith

Exodus 11, “God Won”, Pastor Nathan Smith

November 4, 2018

Up to this point, Egypt has endured 9 plagues to let God’s people go, and Pharoah’s heart is still hardened. God is now setting the stage in Exodus 11 for the tenth and final plague. From this all of Egypt will know that He is God, and He is in control.