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Nathan Smith

Readers Theater

February 23, 2020

Hello all, if you’d like to see the full Readers Theater from Sunday, February 23rd please find us on YouTube.  Pastor Nathan spoke after the reading was completed.  His part of that message is on the audio today.

Nathan Smith

Luke 22:7-20

February 16, 2020

Did you know that scripture tells us that Jesus “earnestly desires” us?  What a wonderful feeling to know the love of God that way.  Listen as Pastor Nate continue is Luke chapter 22.

Nathan Smith

Luke 22:1-6

February 9, 2020

Have you ever been betrayed before?  Being betrayed violates a trust that was built. Jesus knows exactly what that feels like as he was met with the ultimate betrayal.  Please listen as Pastor Nate continues in the book of Luke

Nathan Smith

Luke 21:5-38

February 2, 2020

This week Pastor Nate speaks about “how to face persecution” and “don’t be led astray”.  There are reminders all around us – given by God.  Hold fast, prepare yourself and be ready for Christ return, stay true to the truths of God.  Please listen as Pastor Nate works through Luke 21:5-38.