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Nathan Smith

Luke 24: 36 – 53

April 26, 2020

Pastor Nathan wraps up the book of Luke today! What a great study indeed.

Nathan Smith

Luke 24:13-35

April 19, 2020

What a disappointment it must have been for the disciples when they found the tomb empty.  Have you ever been in such despair that you couldn’t see the gifts of God’s truth?  Pastor Nate will walk us through these passages of Jesus never leaving us alone.

Nathan Smith

Easter Sunday

April 12, 2020

He has Risen!  He has Risen indeed!  Please listen as Pastor Nathan teaches about having faith that Christ rose from the tomb.

Nathan Smith

Luke 23:44-49

April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday brings us one week closer to the end of Pastor’s Heart Intensive series.  Today he will cover Luke 23:44-49.  These powerful passages remind us that our greatest gift is Christ death on a cross at Calvary.