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Nathan Smith

Acts 23

October 25, 2020

Be courageous because the Lords plan will work which enables us to be a witness for the Lord.  Sound simple?  Listen as Pastor Nathan works through Acts 23, II Timothy 4:16-18 and Romans 8:28-30.   We can begin to understand why we would need or even want to have courage when facing hard challenges.

Nathan Smith

Acts 22

October 18, 2020

This week the question is “Why even try?” After all, giving up means you can be done with it!  There is closure.  Pastor Nathan teaches through Acts 22 and shows us how Paul chose not to give up.  Beaten and bloody he stood before the people to give his life’s testimony!

Nathan Smith

Acts 21

October 11, 2020

Pastor Nathan continues in the study of the Book of Acts.  This week is chapter 21.  Are you on Mission for the Gospel of Christ?  Can you believe that God move towards us and that is what helps us to stay on Mission.  Do you believe that “the Lord’s Will will be done?”   This is a great week to tune in and see how Paul’s journey reflects these questions.

First Baptist Church

Acts 20

October 4, 2020

Apostle Paul hit many roadblocks during his journey to spread the Gospel.  His faith helped him to be determined to continue spreading the Gospel of Christ.  God continually restored Paul and he restores us as well.  This week, our guest speaker,  Kent Wallace works through verses 7-12 of Acts chapter 20.