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Nathan Smith

1Samuel 1

April 25, 2021

This Sunday Pastor Nathan starts a new series in 1 Samuel – “Meeting God in a royal mess”.  We meet Hannah in the midst of her great anxiety and how she turned to God in faithful prayer.

First Baptist Church

Living Ready for Jesus – guest speaker Chad Nightingale

April 18, 2021

Join Pastor Chad and he teaches in Luke 12:35 -48.  Do you live a life that is actively waiting to meet Jesus?  Is your prayer for God to reveal what he as for you TODAY?  Listen and be reminded of what Jesus tells us in the passages in Luke.

First Baptist Church

Joshua 3 – Bill Jenkins Guest Speaker

April 11, 2021

Even as the Israelites faced many trials they still followed the Ark of the Covenant – the Righteousness of God.  Bill teaches through Joshua 3 and reminds us to continue to follow God even during trials and hard times.  Remembering that God will guard us, guide us and always keep His promises

Nathan Smith

Your Labor is not in Vain

April 4, 2021

This week Pastor Nathan completes his series in I Corinthians 15.   We labor not in vain!  Why? Because our sins are forgiven through Christ resurrection – we can receive the victory.  Give thanks to God for his marvelous works and live in resurrection hope.