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First Baptist Church

Matthew 6:19-24

January 29, 2023

In this sermon, Brendon teaches we can’t be fully focused on heaven if we are dabbling in sin. Christ calls us to focus on our eternal reward. A good practice is to pray The Lord’s Prayer daily. Listen in this week, as we look at the Life Goal of Treasures in Heaven.

Nathan Smith

Matthew 6:16-18

January 22, 2023

Pastor Nathan teaches that fasting is a way to humble ourselves before the Lord. Fasting (as a spiritual exercise, not dieting) is like a spiritual shock to our faith and a way to see right-with-God-ness.

Nathan Smith

Matthew 6:5-15

January 15, 2023

Pastor Nathan teaches that when we pray, we are seeking right-with-God-ness or alignment with God. The “homework” for this week is to secretly and personally pray The Lord’s Prayer.

Nathan Smith

Matthew 6:1-4

January 8, 2023

To begin this new sermon series, Life Goals, Pastor Nathan asks what motivates you as a person? Is it approval from people? Is it an award? Is it fear? This passage instructs us to do acts of mercy in secret and our Heavenly Father will reward us. Listen in and work on the homework as suggested by secretly doing mercy.

First Baptist Church

Matthew 5:43-48

January 1, 2023

In this sermon, Brendon teaches on how to love our enemies. Because God loves differently, so we must love differently. Listen in this week, as we look at a challenging passage on loving our enemies.